We are a lifestyle salon focusing on sustainable and contemporary haircare combining organic, eco-friendly and vegan practices with modern salon experience. 

*Times can vary. Please feel free to ask for specific times if required.

HOURS* (Hair)









8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm  


01223 464064

HOURS* (Beauty & Nails)















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We specialise in modern cuts and colour, with an emphasis on the long-term condition of your hair. All of our products contain gentle, nourishing, natural ingredients and avoid any harsh or damaging chemical additives. The combination of our technical skills and the naturally enriching products we use ensures that your hair looks its best on the days and weeks following your appointment. We have an Organic Colour systems specialist available on request.


Wash, Cut & Finish – £30-£55


Half Head Highlights & Finish – from £80

Half Head Highlights, Cut & Finish – from £100


Full Head Highlights & Finish – from £100

Full Head Highlights, Cut & Finish – from £130



Semi Colour & Finish – from £70

Semi Colour, Cut & Finish – from £80


Permanent Colour & Finish – from £78

Permanent Colour, Cut & Finish – from £88


Retouch Permanent Colour & Finish – from £75

Retouch Permanent Colour, Cut & Finish – from £80


Half Head Balayage - from £100

Full Head Balayage - from £120



Blowdry - £25-£45

Occasion Styling - £25-£75



Vegan strightening system - from £200



Vegan perming - from £100

All prices are by consultation and at the hairdressers discretion. We take time to consider your hair type, length and density which will reflect in the time spent and products used on you.

For new colour clients we require a skin test at least 48 hours before a colour appointment.

Full charge will apply for missed appointments & cancellations at less than 24 hours notice.

01223 464064



Bio Sculpture Gel is the only five-star rated nail system. It is a damage-free nail treatment promoting strength and growth to your natural nails. The gel is curable under UV & LED light giving a glossy finish and soaks off easily without damaging your natural nails, The products is strictly animal cruelty free and 100% vegan.  A Luxury Treatment is offered including massage, heated (mitts or booties) which warms your hand/feet giving deeper penetration of the mask and oils, softening cuticles, improving circulation and soothing stiff joints.


Mini-manicure: shape and polish or shape and cuticle work - £16

Classic Manicure: shape, cuticle work, buff, hand massage - £25 (polish)/£33 (Bio Sculpture Gel)


Mini-pedicure: shape and polish or shape and cuticle work or shape and hard skin removal - £19

Classic Pedicure: shape, cuticle work, buff, skin removal, scrub and leg massage and polish - £30 (polish)/£38 (Bio Sculpture Gel)


Bio Sculpture manicure - £33

Bio Sculpture manicure - £38

Remove Gel and finish - from £10

*French Polish add £5 to Gel treatment

*Indivudual Gel Repairs - £5


Luxury Manicure: shape, cuticle work, buff and hand massage, thermal mitts and polish - £35 (polish)/£43 (Bio Sculpture Gel)


Luxury Pedicure: shape, cuticle work, buff, skin removal, scrub, leg massage, thermal booties and polish - £40 (polish)/£48 (Bio Sculpture Gel) 

*If nail treatment time over runs due to additional necessary work, £7 per 15 minutes will be added to the regular price.

50% charge will apply for missed appointments & cancellations at less than 24 hours notice.

01223 305113


The Beauty Room

When it comes to beauty therapy, it is no secret that the best results are achieved when the finest skincare preparations are used in conjuction with professional skills. Only pure natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils are used within MONU Skincare range to bring about optimum results. MONU formulation contains no damaging chemicals, artificials perfumes or synthetic colour. We do offer vegan facials. 


PHD Waxing

Full leg - £24

Full leg plus bikini - from £31



Three quater leg - £20


Three quater leg plus bikini - from £27



Half leg - £16


Half leg plus bikini - from £24



Upper half leg - £19


Upper half leg plus bikini - from £26 


Only £9 extra for underarm wax when required with any of the above treatments


Bikini - from £12


Underarm - £11

Forearm - £12


Full arm - £17


Lip or chin - from £8


Eyebrow - £12


Back or chest - from £25

Hot Waxing

Brazilian/ Hollywood - from £27


Eyebrows - £8


Lip (upper/lower) - £6


Chin - £5

Face - £15


Express Facial Treatment - £28

Aromatic Facial Treatment - £50

Ampoule Facial Treatment - £55

Hydra-Lift Collagen Facial Treatment - £60

Ultimate Signature Facial & Massage Treatment - £62

Soothing Oat Facial Treatment - £60

Line Soothing Algae Facial Treatment - £60

Steam Facial (75 min) - £55 

Steam Facial (90 min) - £62

Treatments vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.(available only with Vanessa)


Ampoule Eye Treatment - £27


Wrinkle Solution Eye Treatments - £31

Eyelash Tint* - £15

Eyebrow Tint* - £8

Eyelash and Eyebrown Tint* - £20

Eyebrow Tidy - £8

*A patch test is required a minimum of 24 hours in advance for any new client.


Aromatherapy Massage

Full Body Massage - £46

Duration: 60 minutes

Full Body Massage - £53

Duration: 75 minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulder or Leg Massage - £32

Duration: 30 minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulder or Leg Massage - £39

Duration: 45 minutes


Indian Head Massage

Head, Neck & Shoulders - £36

Duration: 45 minutes

Head & Facial Massage - £30

Duration: 30 minutes


Swedish Massage

Full Body Massage - £53

Duration: 75 minutes

Full Body Massage - £46

Duration: 60 minutes

Back Massage - £39

Duration: 45 minutes

Back Massage - £32

Duration: 30 minutes


Stone Therapy Massage

Full Body Massage - £60

Duration: 60 minutes

Back Massage - £38

Duration: 30 minutes


Revive, Relax & Rejuvenate Candle Treatment

Full Body Massage - £50

Duration: 60 minutes

Back Massage - £35

Duration: 30 minutes


Therapeutic/Presciption Massage

Drawing on the wide knowledge and experience gained from many post-graduate courses and workshops, these treatments are timed, designed and priced specifically to your own massage requirements.

Please discuss with Vanessa the price of your specific treatment. 


Spiral Stabilization

Free 15 minutes consultation

Spiral Stabilization treatment - from £48

Package of 10 sessions - from £450

The duration of every Complementary Therapy is pure treatment time. Please allow an extra 10-15 minutes for consultation and recovery.

50% charge will apply for missed appointments & cancellations at less than 24 hours notice.

01223 305113



Using our craft and expertise to prescribe you with the most appropriate in-salon and home care products, we can restrengthen the most fragile, tired hair and soften even the most coarse of hair types. Just as important as the ingredients that go into our products are the potentially harmful ingredients that are left out. Our hair colours are free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens. Our shampoos are all sulphate-free and sodium chloride-free and our conditioners are free from plastics and non water soluble silicones, which can build up in hair creating a long-term residue that weighs it down and leaves it lacklustre.

Organic Colour Systems

Our hair colours contain natural soothing, healing and antioxidant ingredients such as certified organic orange peel, grapefruit seed, comfrey root, aloe vera leaf and roman chamomile. The colours are designed to maintain your hair’s natural pH, protein and moisture levels. Because the colour system helps to preserve your hair’s condition, used in conjunction with the Organic Colour Systems home care products, our colours last longer and keep your hair naturally vibrant and shiny.


Davines was born as a research and development laboratory, always following a formulation philosophy inspired by innovation criteria, aimed at ensuring the maximum of both sustainability and performance.

For this reason the ingredients are obtained from renewable and eco-sustainable sources, whose origins are traceable; of natural origin, biological or eco-certified, biodegradable and those that allow us to respect and encourage biodiversity.


At Organic Way we respect the environment in a concrete, tangible way. We help reduce pollution caused by plastics using only 100% recyclable, infinitely reusable glass and aluminium containers for all OW products (not waste but resources!).


We believe that using pure, natural ingredients in our products is key to a healthier body and a better quality of life. The ingredients come from the biodynamic method, which is the purest and cleanest type of cultivation, free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional agriculture, it allows obtaining the most concentrated and effective active ingredients, in respect of the ecosystem. Then the steam distillation is used to extract the essentail oils and hydrolats from our organic ingredients without the use of synthetic solvents. Hydrolats are the product of the distillation of aromatic plants; active waters imbued with the hydrosoluable extracts of the plants, rich in properties.

Environmental Policy & Salon Ethical Values

Our products are sustainably sourced, non-animal tested and wherever possible the ingredients are fair trade and organic. All our packaging is recyclable and we are always working to come up with inventive new ways to lower our carbon footprint.

Skin Testing & Allergies

We endeavour to use products with the lowest possible risk of an allergic reaction. However, it is important to note that allergies can be caused by any number of things, even natural ingredients.

We believe it is essential that all new colour clients take part in a skin patch test prior to colour appointments. These can be done at the salon during consultations, or can be carried out at least 48 hours prior to appointment times.

Animal Cruelty Free

We ensure that our products are not tested on animals. Organic Colour System’s colour range and the vast majority of their products do not use animal ingredients and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians (with the exception of care products which contain either beeswax, a milk derivative or a honey derivative. Please contact the salon for the full details on these products). Organic Colour Systems are also both PETA and CCF accredited.

Meet The Team


Hollie trained at Errol Douglas’s in London and worked for years as a session stylist in London working with musicians, on adverting campaigns and at London Fashion Week.She is now an organic colour systems specialist and has opened Re:Fresh as her base. Feeling creative is very important to Hollie but a big passion is developing a connection with her clients, which she feels allows her to create them a look that feels tailored and natural to them. “Talking to people allows you to see them”. All Hollie's products are organic, ethically produced and vegan. She is always available to talk if you have any questions to ask about the product and colour.


Chloe has been in the hairdressing industry for 8 years, starting at school and then on from completing her 2-year apprenticeship. She has been working as a fulltime stylist for 5 years in Cambridge and has a flare for hair dressing that far surpasses her years. She has attended many specialist Wella colour courses in London and specialist in barbering. Chloe also uses a new Wella colour that is now PPD free, meaning it reduces the risk of allergies. There for if you are someone who has suffered from allergic reaction to colour in the past this could be something you could try with confidence. In addition, she offers organic and vegan colour Oway UK colour system.

Chloe enjoys all aspects of hairstyling and more than anything she loves to see her clients leave with a smile on their face.


Todd has been working as a Hair stylist for 11 years, attending cutting courses at Vidal Sassoon in London and various L'Oréal colour courses over the years. Whether your hair is straight or curly he knows how important getting shape into hair is! Always a warm and friendly attitude, he has a flair for creativity; ranging from hair-up work to creative colour and cut, depending on each and every individual’s need of course!


Stuart has over 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry, he is a colour specialist including colour correction, trained exclusively by Wella at their UK headquarters in London. Happy to cut and colour both men and ladies hair to a high standard using the full range of Wella colour as well as Oway UK organic and vegan colour system.


For examples of Stuart's work find him on Instagram @myhairdresserstuart


James has been in the hairdressing industry since 2009, and has established a strong technical skills base. He trained using L'Oreal Professionnel, and has completed various courses with them. James has a very prescriptive approach to hair, with the belief that everyone should have something that really works for them, and is always excited to try something different!

James also offers texture services, to help you achieve the full potential for those who struggle with unruly hair.


Hannah has been in the hairdressing industry 8 years. She has attended courses at Samantha Cusick London for balayage and free hand colouring techniques and has also attended a barbering course at the Wella Academy. Hannah enjoys keeping up to date with all the current styles and techniques by staying on top of her education, to improve her knowledge on hair styling and colouring. Hannah uses a new Wella colour that is now PPD free, which reduces the risk of having an allergic reaction. With a passion for hair-up styling for any occasion, Hannah loves transforming hair to make you feel a million dollars.


Vanessa is a co-owner of Re:Fresh. She has been in the beauty and complimentary therapy business and a member of the federation of holistic therapists since 1999. Offering the complete range of classic beauty treatments, Vanessa specialises in facial using Monu skincare, utilising pure, natural and cruelty free ingredients. Her love and knowledge of holistic therapies allowed her to provide a wide variety of complimentary therapies and she continues to attend postgraduate throning courses. Vanessa prides herself on being approachable and friendly whilst offering the highest standard of treatments.


Soraya is a beauty therapist with twelve years experience as a top-level beautician. She offers a wide variety of treatments with organic and vegan options on request. 

Soraya specialises in traditional Brazilian hot wax and threading hair removal. She works to treat every customer according to their beauty care needs. Her ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, guaranteeing everyone leaves feeling valued and confident.


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